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Self-Cleaning Strainers / Filters

Clear Solutions To Water Filtration Problems

In an increasingly crowded world, the need for clean water concerns everyone involved in sustaining our quality of life into the twenty-first century.

For more than four decades in the business of flow, Fouress has been the leader in providing solution to industry, municipalities using its knowledge and experience.

Fouress commitment to filtration, has given it the basis to develop and provide comprehensive filtration solutions in association with its global partners. Filtration requirements are available down to 10 microns.

Fouress offers a wide variety of filters, filter elements, materials, filtration ranges, sizes and methods, in both automatic and semiautomatic operating systems. Self-cleaning automatic filters are available as stand-alone equipments or as system packages that can handle virtually any flow rate.

Our offered automatic self-cleaning strainers / filters saves time and money that would otherwise be spent in cleaning and replacing cartridges, bags, & spray nozzles.

These filters operate continuously without interrupting the main flow unlike sand filters and simplex/duplex strainers.

Market Segments & Applications:
  • Automobile : Process water, Cooling tower, Waste water
  • Chemical : Intake water supply, Cooling tower
  • Electronics : Cooling tower, Process water, Spray Nozzle
  • Food & Beverage : Intake water supply, Cooling tower, Process water
  • High Rise Buildings : Intake, water supply, Prefiltration, Air conditioning system
  • Power Plant : Supply water, Process water, cooling tower, Boiler rooms
  • Pulp & Paper : Process water, Cooling tower, Waste water
  • Plastic : Intake water supply, Cooling tower
  • Potable Water : Intake, Prefiltration
  • Steel : Process water, Nozzle protection, Cooling tower, Waste water
  • Sugar : Intake water supply, Cooling tower, Process water
  • Textile : Intake water supply, Cooling tower, Process water, reclaimed water